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Over 60 and still learning new skills

Who Says You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks?!

I have to say that I have been a little very busy during my 40 odd days of being locked down due to the Corona virus pandemic. I have turned 60, (yes, I know that’s impossible right?) and in the past two or three weeks of lock-down I have learned 10 new skills. As I love a list, here’s mine. It’s called Over 60 and still learning new skills

During lockdown, I have –

1 Recorded a sewing related “How to” video on my phone on Video Editor

2 Recorded a voice-over for it on Voice Recorder- also found on my phone

3 Learned about licence free music (as I don’t want to get sued)

4 Downloaded a track from Soundcloud

5 Learned how to put all three recordings together and edit bits out on Kinemaster.

6 Taken the unwanted sounds off the video and added nice, licence free music on Kinemaster

(Thank you for the Kinemaster tip https://www.facebook.com/charlotte.m.oconnor.7 )

7 Learned how to set up a You Tube account

8 Learned how to put my video on You Tube ( OMG- will I be a You Tube sensation!!!?)

9 Learned how to install a plug-in on my website (who knew I even needed one ?)

10  Backed up my website so I don’t lose it (Thank you https://mami2five.com/)

The Fruits Of My Labour

And, just in case you’re interested, my complete blog post ( including the video link) is here

-or my finished video (without the blog post) is below that;

The lock-down isn’t all bad. It is certainly giving me the head space to just sit and think and think and think.

Have you learned a new skill since we’ve had to stay in? Have you started a new hobby, or restarted an old one? Are you Over 60 and still learning new skills?

 I’d love to hear. Post a comment if you like. But above all take care and keep safe.

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