pins holding pants pockets flat

Fix For Badly Fitting trousers/Pants Pockets

Today I decided that I was fed up with my badly trousers/pants pockets bulging out and making me look fat untidy. I find that excess fabric around the tummy area draws unwanted attention to any flab fullness there.

I used this quick little fix that can be done with a machine or by hand. I certainly felt and looked less lumpy around my middle!!* Judge the results for yourself.

Pic 1)

Firstly, lay your trousers/pants down on a flat surface and smooth out the pocket area.

Pic. 2)

Pin through all layers of the pants front; placing the pins at right angles to the planned direction of the sewing machine stitching.**                                                                                                                              Next, choose a matching thread that will not show up against your fabric. It needs to be an invisible fix or it will draw yet more unwanted attention!

Stitch close to the existing stitching or use the edge of the pocket as a guide to get a nice result.***



Press with an iron and Voila!! A flatter tummy area!****

* Remember that you will not be able to use the pockets again!
**Depending on your choice, either remove the pins as you go or sew right over them.
I leave them in so there is no slippage of fabric. I have never had any broken needles as a result.
***If you are more experienced, you could even use this opportunity to add top stitching in a contrasting thread.                                                                                                                                                                   **** Trim away the now redundant pocket bags to further cut down on bulk around your tummy.

Keep the bags to patch up anyone else’s worn out pockets.

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