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How to draft a pattern for a sew-in bag frame. Video Tutorial

How to draft a pattern for a sew-in bag frame.

I am going to explain how to draft a pattern for a sew-in bag frame as many people have asked me where I buy the patterns from. The frames are easy to get hold of but you don’t often get a pattern with them. My only option has been to draft my own to fit the frame. So, after much time spent on You Tube and Google, I have finally learned how to make a video tutorial. (Making the bags themselves proved a bit much easier)

The frame I have used in this video is from Adam Venture and measures 21cm from hinge to hinge. You could adapt it for any straight frame and tweak it for a curved one.

My finished bag has a sew-in frame with a pretty clasp and also loops inside to add a chain if you want to. The finished bag measures approximately 28cm wide x 15cm tall x 4cm deep. All measurements can be changed to the style you choose.

A bit about SoAnitaSews

In my studio at SoAnitaSews, I love to design and create wedding and evening bags with sew-in frames. I decorate them with beads, brooches and diamante crystals, flowers and lace -more is definitely more, I say!

They look so luxurious and hark back to a time when people dressed up and women swished around in long dresses for dinner. Nowadays, they are mostly used for weddings; for brides, bridesmaids and guests alike. But if you are lucky enough to be invited to a black tie do or a ball, you could wear one there too. I have also been considering bringing them to a different audience by making in a modern style. Perhaps made from denim and decorated in a more funky style; but haven’t got around to it quite yet.

If you’d like to see some of my creations, I sell some ready made bags in my Etsy shop,

There are many styles from casual to formal but also love creating custom ones to my customer’s requirements.

My video is only for the drafting of the pattern. I will create a video to show you how to put the bag together as soon as I am able.

So, Ta Daaaa!

Here it is! My first ever video- “How to draft a pattern for a sew-in bag frame.”

Please let me know how you get on, I’d love to get your feedback. If the video doesn’t make sense, let me know so I can edit it.


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